About Sim Only Deals

About Sim Only Deals

One of the most common recommendations for people with bad credit is to choose Sim Only deals. Most subscribers today opt for pay monthly or PAYG but there is another option to look into if you want to increase your chances of getting approved.

What are Sim Only Deals?

Sim Only deals, as the name suggest, are packages that only include the Sim. If this is your first time to hear about this option, that's understandable given that this is fairly new in the market. Instead of offering you the usual plans with a handset, you'll only get the Sim card which comes with your provider's phone services including call, text and data. Since the handset is not included, you need to provide your own to use the services.
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What are the Pros?

One of the top advantages of Sim Only deals is its cheap price. Since there are no handsets involve, you're only paying for the phone services which are often included in a bundle. That means cheaper voice, text and internet. 
Aside from cost, Sim Only deals' other draw is the fact that there are no lengthy contracts involved. With this type of plan, the minimum term is typically just 30 days.

What are the Cons?

The most obvious con for Sim Only deals is with regard to the handset. If you already have a phone, that may be an advantage but not entirely. Some phones need to be unlocked first especially if you buying the Sim from a different network.
If you don't have a phone yet, that poses a bigger problem. For one, you may have a hard time finding a Sim-free phone. Also, these phones can be expensive as well.

The Verdict

While Sim Only deals are cheap, it doesn't mean that it's the perfect option for everyone. To enjoy its upsides instead of suffering its downsides, you need to make sure that situation suits what Sim Only deals offer. You need to have an open line phone first and foremost. Then make sure that the tariff that comes with your deal will cover your phone usage to avoid paying beyond what you bargained for.