Increase Your Chances for Approval

Increase Your Chances for Approval

Carrying around bad credit can be incredibly inconvenient not to mention full of hassles. If you want to apply for a mobile phone contract, you may be denied or turned down because of that. It doesn't even matter how you incurred the bad credit status. Whenever service providers see how low, bad or poor your credit rating is, it almost always means you are bound for disappointment.

If you've ever been denied, you probably know how frustrating nabbing a contract can get. Luckily, there are a lot of third party companies nowadays that are helping people like you get approved for a mobile phone contract despite bad credit.

Remember though that these companies do not guarantee approval. Majority of people who apply through them get their phones but that doesn't mean you are 100% sure you'll get yours. Despite the help, service providers will always do what they have to do that is conduct credit checks. In the end, there is still a chance to be denied. However, there are useful ways you can do to increase your chances of approval.

Choose Cheaper Handsets

When applying for a bad credit contract phone, try some compromise. Instead of opting for the latest handsets, settle with cheaper options at least for now. It may not include the same extensive features as the new releases but it will still allow you to enjoy the basic functions.
Choosing inexpensive phones also mean that service providers' risks are lower. When your provider sees that taking you on is not going to make them lose money, they will be more than happy to approve your application.

Try Sim Only Deals

Another option to look into is the Sim only deals. If you know that your credit rating is really bad and you already have a function phone in hand, try the Sim Only deals. You'll only get the Sim which may seem unexciting but at least you chances of approval are definitely higher. Not only that but this option is also way cheaper than other plans.
To know more about Sim Only deals available in UK, check out Cable Co UK to compare the latest and most affordable deals.

Offer to Pay a Deposit

If you think your provider needs more convincing, you should offer to pay a security deposit. If you want a phone that is high end, you may need to prepare a higher amount to ensure approval.
Paying the deposit is one way for providers to leverage their risks. The amount will vary from one company to another and it will also depend on the handset you're eyeing. Either way, paying the deposit is recommended for people with bad credit to increase the chances of getting approved.

Get a Guarantor

Normally, providers are content with customers paying the deposit. However, you can never be too sure. Aside from choosing cheaper handsets and securing the deposit, you can go the extra mile and find a guarantor. If you really want your application approved, you need a guarantor who will shoulder the payments in case you miss them.