Pros and Cons of Cheap Mobile Phones

Pros and Cons of Cheap Mobile Phones

Buying a new phone or getting a bad credit contract phone need not be a big deal. You don't have to keep up with the latest in order to enjoy good deals. In fact, if you want to save money, opting for cheap yet functional phones is the way to go.


Cheaper phones are often recommended for people with bad credit. It's also a great option for those who are only after the basic functions such as texting and calling. Other good points for this type of phones include ease of use and long lasting battery life. 
Cheap phones are designed mainly for voice calls and text hence the interface are simpler and the keypads traditional. Sound quality is also excellent allowing you to enjoy clearer calls at a longer time.


Cheap phones also have its downsides. For one, you will not get a large screen. Instead you're stuck with a small screen with typically average to low resolution. Another con is when it comes to web browsing. If your cheap phone allows you to do that, it is going to be slow because it doesn't use 3G.
Some cheap phones have camera and music player but again the quality is not at par with what smartphones offer.
Lastly, you won’t get a lot of storage with cheaper phones. Normally, internal storage is only 20MB which means you can't store a lot of photos or music. Some cheap phones, however, have memory card slots so you might want to look into that if you're concerned about storage.