Which Mobile Phone Service Should You Choose?

Which Mobile Phone Service Should You Choose?

When looking for a bad credit mobile phone contract, one of the most important considerations is the type of phone service to choose. It will primarily depend on your phone usage as well as on your budget. Also part of the decision making is the bad credit issue which may affect your provider's decision to approve your application.
Service providers in UK including Vodafone, O2, Three and Orange among others offer three phone service options. They are:

  • Pay Monthly Contract
  • Pay As You Go (PAYG)
  • Sim Only Deals

Each service has its pros and cons. Each service is perfect for a specific need or situation. There is no standard best option for everyone. Instead your best option will basically depend on your call, text and data usage per month.

What are Pay Monthly Contracts?

Probably the most popular of the three options are pay-monthly mobile contract deals. As the name implies, you need to commit to a specified contract where you make fixed payments per month for your phone usage. The term of the contract may be in 12, 18 or 24 months.
For this type of contract, you will receive a handset of your choice which is already inclusive of call, text and data usage.
Customers who want to get the latest phone releases from their favorite brands often go with this plan. The monthly payments will essentially depend on the type of phone you choose which means it can be expensive if you opt for the priciest phone.
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What are Pay As You Go Deals?

If you don't want to get tied to a contract or a fixed monthly payment, PAYG is the other option to look into. With PAYG, you pay for your phone usage in the form of a top up. That means paying before even using the call, text and data features.
PAYG is recommended for users who do not text or call a lot. If you monthly usage is less than £10 per month, you can simply for that in advance. There are just a couple of downsides though. Once you've used up your credit, you won't be able to make any outgoing calls and the rate may be relatively higher than that of pay monthly deals.

What are Sim Only Deals?

The last but definitely not the least of the three options is the Sim Only deals. This is a fairly new phone service but it has been gaining a lot of buzz nonetheless. This type of plan only includes the Sim card. You still get to enjoy the same call, text and data privileges from your provider but you need to provide the phone to use it.
Of the three options, Sim Only Deals are the cheapest and it is also the ideal choices if you don't want to be tied down in a long contract.